About Us

We believe that every young Australian has the right to an employment pathway. Ticket to Work is a national initiative that aims to promote and create employment opportunities for young Australians with disability through education, training and work experience. We work with young people with disability to ensure that they are well prepared for work and have opportunities to pursue their diverse career goals.

Ticket to Work is a unique model.  It is the first initiative in Australia to facilitate a collective, community led early intervention approach to improving employment outcomes for young people with disability. There is no ‘one-size-fits all’ – local place-based networks work with individual students to create training and work experience plans that will best support them to succeed.

Ticket to Work has grown from a small pilot in 2012 to 25 Networks across the nation presently. 2015 saw 360 employers engage with over 450 young people in work experience and work preparation activities. 248 young people, the majority with intellectual disabilities, commenced jobs with real wages.