Local Ticket to Work Networks are building partnerships with diverse employers that represent a mix of small, medium and multinational structures.  These employers offer a range of workplace preparation activities for students including work experience placements and Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. Read about just a few of these employer stories below.

Snippers Garden Care

Phillip, a Berendale School student, also undertook a Ticket to Work Australian School-based Traineeship with Snippers Garden Care, a sole operator gardening maintenance business, during 2012.


Phillip was thinking about a horticulture career, but it was only after working one day per week with Snippers Garden Care that he decided this type of work genuinely suited him.  Phillip has said that the early starts, manual work and on-site locations made him “really enjoy gardening and maintenance”.


Trevor, Snippers Garden Care’s Owner, said that being part of Ticket to Work and employing Phillip made great business sense.  “Over time, Phillip became more confident and skilled and together we are able to finish jobs quicker than I ever could on my own”, said Trevor.


Phillip has now finished his ‘Certificate II in Horticulture’ School-based Traineeship and has completed school.  In 2014 Phillip is employed part-time by SnippersGarden Care and also works part-time in the retail sector.   The technical and transferrable employability skills Phillip developed during his School-based Traineeship have been recognised as playing a critical role in him being able to source and maintain ongoing employment in two different industry areas since completing school.


Because of Trevor’s personal experience with Ticket to Work he has also promoted the program amongst his own networks and, as a result of this, other local horticultural businesses have shown interested in providing a Ticket to Work School-based Traineeship.