The Ticket to Work team is pleased to receive wonderful feedback from young people, employers, parents and partner organisations.

A selection of these are below and attest to the value of Ticket to Work and its related workplace preparation, work experience, Australian School-based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (ASbAT) activities.

Testimonials and quotes from young people:

“I did my traineeship in a cafe. I used to just want to be a barista but now I’ve seen other parts in hospitality and I want to do that sort of work.”

“I would recommend Ticket to Work because it helps people like me to get a job doing what I want to do.”

“My family were happy and proud about me getting the bus to my work. At first they wanted me to call when I got to work but they don’t need me to do that now. Mum says I’m confident.”

“I would like to tell students and parents that traineeships can be really fun and interesting and they shouldn’t be nervous about them. If I could get to all schools and tell them about school-based traineeships I would.”

“I’m going to try and save all the money I’ll get paid from my traineeship. I want to buy a car when I am 18.”

“In your ASbAT you learn lots of information and good skills for work and also you make good friends.”

“At work if I have any problems I just ask my employer so that means my confidence has increased.”

“Meeting people has been a highlight of my ASbAT and at work I’ve met a lot of different and friendly people who work with me and are customers.”

“There is a supervisor at my ASbAT and he gives me the confidence and if I continue working it will give me more confidence and I won’t need a supervisor in life.”

“My ASbAT helps to get me working, thinking about the future and future work because I start early at 8.30am and finish at 4pm. Just like other people go to work.”

“Yes I’m really pumped about finishing school, school has been great but I’m ready to move on. I’m confident about finishing my traineeship and excited. It could lead to really big things!”

“I would recommend ASbATs to other students because you get a good job and get paid to do it. It also helps them look to the future and work out what they want to do.”

“I would recommend Ticket to Work because an ASbAT helps you get a job and experience and to stay at school.”

“The ASBAT has really helped me physically and mentally. My family have been proud of me and other family members such as uncles and cousins have been real proud of me as some of them have never had a job in their life.”

“I was sad about leaving school but now I feel positive about the future because I am sure I will get a job after I leave school because I know what working means.”

“Because of this I won’t miss any days at work or school because I like it so much and I will keep working and doing my book work for the training.”

Testimonials and quotes from employers:

“Ticket to Work meant I was able to employ an enthusiastic and reliable worker.”

“We started working with a Disability Employment Service (DES) last year and it has been really successful. So, when Ticket to Work came on board it all just fitted in nicely.”

“Both students we had as ASbATs are now employees of the business.”

“Our ASbAT student takes a work load off other staff members, he’s been a real help.”

“By having these young people in our workplace we are increasing overall staff awareness of people with a disability.”

“You’d be crazy not to offer ASbATs to students with disability! There is so much energy because they feel so adequate about what they are doing and they are so motivated so that creates a positive energy and you can utilise their motivation to the businesses’ advantage!”

Testimonials and quotes from parents:

“I think Ticket to Work has been a very positive move. My son wasn’t enjoying school like he used to. The traineeship is helping him gain more knowledge and experience in the workforce.”

“All students with disabilities should get a chance to do this Ticket to Work program. They can work, should be able to work and the community and government need to be behind supporting it.”

“I’m really hopeful that the Ticket to Work traineeship will lead my son into long-term employment in the mainstream workforce.”

“My hope for my daughter is that she moves into full-time engaging employment, to be occupied and feel that she is worth something and giving to the community.”

“Thank you to the Ticket to Work people for working with our son, it has given us hope for his future.”

“I’m sure the ASbAT will help my son in the future. We were quite concerned whether he would fit in at work as he withdraws quite a bit and internalises everything, but we are seeing this change because he is being supported to be more open at work.”

“My son loves his ASbAT and knows he can only do it if he is still going to school, which has made him more motivated to go to school.”

“All students with disabilities should get a chance to do the Ticket to Work program.”

“I’m really happy with the Ticket to Work process and how it’s handled. The way the school has worked with the Disability Employment Service (DES) and I haven’t been left out of it – a real partnership approach. My daughter wasn’t just popped into any old work – there was the lead up, the work trial, the learning process throughout and the paperwork.”

“I do really think Ticket to Work is a wonderful program, and I wish my other two boys had done it if it was around back then.”

Testimonials and quotes from Ticket to Work schools:

“We are so excited that Ticket to Work is now national because growing it will only make things better for kids with a disability.”

“Through Ticket to Work we are introducing the agencies to the students while they are at school and they are key agencies that the students can access post-school which to me is a huge advantage.”

“Ticket to Work has really amazed us!”

“Ticket to Work has successfully broken down barriers with employers and parents concerned about the employment of students with disability and the success of Ticket to Work is generating a lot of community interest.”

“Ticket to Work has been great in a way I did not expect, the Grade 7 students want to do the jobs the older ASbAT students are doing, because they heard about them working and know they get paid for it so they are a great role model for our students.”

“Parents are very happy with Ticket to Work as they don’t have to seek employment for their kids and it’s a relief for them.”

Testimonials and quotes from Ticket to Work partners:

“Having a National Ticket to Work Network has been fabulous and we need it to continue into the future as it provides a greater potential to share current practices and how connections and partners have been formed in other regions … The National Network has given us the confidence to tackle the naysayers, who think these kids cannot work”.

“Being part of the Local Ticket to Work Network has raised my awareness of the needs of students and has therefore assisted with my role.”

“Collaboration between providers of different services has been beneficial in creating a network that is able to better support young people with disabilities to take up an employment pathway.”

“The Ticket to Work partnership is up-skilling schools staff about employment agencies that are available to their students in the same way that the other partners are learning about the school system – it’s accommodating a mutual way of understanding what each partner is doing and can be doing.”

“The new national Ticket to Work website is great. The research, stories and case studies on it makes it a tool for promoting the employment of young people with disability to our key stakeholders.”

“Being part of my local Ticket to Work has enabled me to create links with organisations that I was not aware of.”

“Through my participation on Ticket to Work I am acutely aware of the need to influence as many stakeholders as possible to ensure that young people with a disability get opportunities to participate in employment, work experience and learning.”

“Proving young people with disability to gain access to employment needs to be our social contract, and we need the wider community to understand that they can play a key role in supporting youth with disabilities.”

“Being able to see the growth of self-belief in the trainee students over the year is incredible. The students used to use such negative self talk and did not believe they were capable of tasks they were assigned, but now they confront every challenge put before them with confidence and tenacity.”

“Through the hard work of Ticket to Work partners, we have developed a model to improve the job prospects of youth with disability in the region.”