Ticket to Work results for 2014-2018

Young people with disability are able to thrive in open employment when prepared and supported while at school.Since Ticket to Work went National at the beginning of 2014, Ticket to Work networks have created over a thousand jobs for young people with disability and thousands of career building opportunities. We have shown that when given the right opportunity and support young people with significant disability can achieve.

Here is the breakdown of all our data from 2014-2018  Ticket to Work data 


A 2019 independent evaluation found that Ticket to Work is creating positive longer term social and economic outcomes for young people with disability.

Compared to other young people with similar disability Ticket to Work participants were:

  • Almost 50% more likely to be employed
  • Much more likely to be employed if participated in 3+ work preparation activities
  • Much more likely to complete year 12
  • Experiencing higher levels of social participation, quality of life and wellbeing

The 2014 evaluation of the Ticket to Work model and the experience of the stakeholders found that

  • 80 % of all young people indicated that participation in Ticket to work will assist them get a job when they leave school and they were excited about their future post school.
  • 100 % of parents felt more positive about their child finishing school and that Ticket to work greatly improved their child’s employment opportunities in the future.
  • The majority of the employers found that having a Ticket to Work student improved their efficiency, workplace diversity, staff morale and awareness of disability.  94 per cent stated that they ‘would recommend that other employers provide opportunities to students with disability”.

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