Ticket to Work results for 2014-2016

Since Ticket to Work went National at the beginning of 2014, Ticket to Work networks have created thousands of opportunities for young people with significant disability. We have shown that when given the right opportunity and support young people with significant disability can achieve.

Here is the breakdown of all our data from 2014-2016. Ticket to Work data 2016

Independent evaluation

A recent independent evaluation found that Ticket to Work is creating positive longer term social and economic outcomes for young people with disability.

Compared to other young people with similar disability Ticket to Work participants were:

  • Almost 50% more likely to complete Year 12
  • Four times more likely to be in employment
  • Experiencing higher levels of social participation, quality of life and wellbeing
  • 86 % of Ticket to Work participants were in work 2 to 3 years after they left school
  • 100% of Ticket to Work participants had gained further education qualifications

We’ve also found that 90% of Ticket to Work apprentices and trainees complete their apprenticeship or traineeship. This is significantly higher than general traineeship completion rates.

“It gives kids the work ethic and experience they need; in essence it teaches them how to work.  We have more students involved in paid employment than we’ve ever had and that’s really impressive. The whole attitude of our students is now about having a career; it is just discussed as a natural thing whereas the word career was never previously used with our students before.  I think we’ve changed the perception of this amongst the students.”

(James*, a special school teacher)

Ticket to Work Booklet

The Ticket to Work booklet shows the great outcomes achieved and quotes from people involved in Ticket To Work.








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